The north of England Irish terrier club


Championship show 3 November 2019


Judge Carmel Clarke-O’Neill (Lemracdream)


I would like to thank the Ocers and Committee for the kind  invitation to award CCs for the first

time in this breed. A lovely warm welcome.


Thank you to the exhibitors for the opportunity of going over your dogs I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Quality was good with some lovely youngsters coming through.


minor puppy dog 1


1)Mr I Hardman -  bonososue if’s an illusion


A lovely youngster with flat skull and good head proportions. Ears need to settle but will do in

time I'm sure. Nice dark eye.  Good hindquarters, moved well. Good coat handled and presented



Puppy dog 1


1)Mrs A Cooke-  Star du neufmoulin for montelle


A lively active young 9 months old, good head with proportions with good length and flat skull.

Good expression. Good depth of chest and ribs for age.  Moderate bend of stifle. Well muscled

hindquarters. Good feet. Good shoulders. Correct in coat.  He was Confident on the move with

good reach, moved well both ways. Nice racy outline BPIS


Junior dog 2


1) Mr j Averis, Mr A Barker - Ch saredon citizen smith.                                                                   

A lovely example of the breed turned out and presented in top condition. He's lovely to go

over. Good length of head with correct proportions and nice dark eye.  Ears set well giving a

good expression at all times.  Good in body with strong straight back. Good length of neck

into good shoulder. Well muscled hindquarters. Good tail set. Showed a  graceful racy outline

in profile. This dog kept his alertness and showmanship at all times. Pleased to award him CC

and BIS


2) Mr Mr Atwell - Kerrykeel Conchohar at xanwil


      Nice type with good length of head and proportions. Body of good length. Strong

hindquarters with moderate bend in stifle. Ears were a bit unsettled today. Was a bit unsettled

when moving.


Post graduate dog 1


1) Mrs c bamsay - Holbam Celtic wizard jw


    An active lively young man with a racy outline. Good length of head with good proportions.

Good in body with good depth of chest. Good in shoulder. Strong hindquarters.  On his toes

today moved well.


Limit dog 1 (1)


Open dog 3


1) Mrs G Thomas - Ch Lead the way to Montelle jw shcm.   Another lovely type with good length

of head and good proportions. Nice eye. Good length of neck into good lay of shoulder. Good

depth of chest with strong straight back, good tail set, well muscled rear, good feet.  Racy

outline in profile. Correct coat.  He pushed the winner for top honours, presented and handled

well pleased to award him RCC and RBIS


2) Miss s Anderson - Kerrykeel Dillon                                                                                                       

Nice type with good head of good length and proportion. Body of moderate length with good

strong back. Good length of neck, muscular hindquarters. Good tail set. Not as settled on the

move today


3) Mr S Kennedy - Betirish flying in the sky at tippanagh


Veteran dog 1


1)  Mr Mrs Bannister - Ch Montelle vision in red                                                                               

9 years old and still enjoying his time out  lovely type with good length of head and good

proportions. Ears a bit relaxed today.  Good lay of shoulder with deep chest. Well muscled

hindquarters with correct bend of stifle. Moved well.


Minor puppy bitch 2(1)


1) Miss A Bradley - Montelle light the way (naf)


Very raw baby with lots to like. feminine young bitch with good head length and proportions with

good strength of muzzle. Nice eye. Good in body looked good in profile.  Energetic on the move

for her handler just needs to settle.


Puppy bitch 3 (1)


1) Mr s Worley -  Jarabica grace O’malley.                                                                                            

Nice size feminine bitch with good head planes and nice dark eye. Ears not quite settled

today.  Good coat. Moved well both ways.                                                                                            


2)  Miss A Bradley - Montelle light the way (naf).                                                                            

- as previous


Junior bitch 4


A lovely strong class


1) Mr Mrs Connell - Sonora fire bird                                                                                                 

A lovely young feminine bitch with good length of head with good  proportions.  Used her ears

at all times giving great expression.  Active and lively with a graceful racy outline. Lovely dark

eye which she kept on me at all times. Deep chest with moderate length of body and fairly

sprung ribs. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved well both ways. She was alert at all times

keeping focused on the job.  Expertly Presented and handled CC BOS


2) Mr j Averis Mr A Barker - Saredon Mischievous.                                                                     

Another nice example of the breed from this kennel. Good length of neck, nice eye,  depth of

chest with good body length. Head of good proportions with lovely expression.  Good coat.

Moved well.  Expertly Presented and handled well                            


3) Mr Mrs Price - Magairlin this girl can


4) Mrs C Bamsey - Carliams witching hour


Post graduate bitch 1


1) Mrs Redman - Holbam Celtic little minx                                                                                       

A nice bitch with good head proportions. One of her ears were flying a bit today which took

away from expression. Good length of body, moderate bend of stifle. Coat in good order

moved ok 


Limit bitch 4


1) Mrs A Cooke - Royal lady at Montelle                                                                                                 

A nice bitch with good length of head and good proportions. Good expression. Good length of

body with strong straight back, good depth of rib. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved well

both ways. Looked good in profile with a racy outline. Handled and presented well.


2) Mr I Hardman - Bonosue red tess                                                                                                 

Another nice type who is good in head length and good proportions. Good length of neck

good in profile with racy outline. Good depth of chest. Moved well.


3) Mr Mrs Hobson - Erredwiltsir Irish bells


4) Mr Mrs Bannister-Holbam Celtic nuala


Open Bitch 7 (3)


1) Mr Mrs Atkin - Holman Celtic summer shcm shcex                                                                        

A nice bitch with good body proportions and strong straight back with moderate length of

body with a racy outline. Good length of neck into good lay of shoulder. Well muscled

hindquarters. Showed to advantage. Good length of head. One of her ears was flying a bit

today which took away the expression but a nice bitch overall. Handled and presented well.


2) Mr Mrs Hogarth, Mrs Looker - Kelly's hot tempest                                                                    

Another of good type with good length of head and proportions. Good length of neck into nice

shoulders. Good coat.  Nice in profile. Well muscled hindquarters. Ears were low which took

away expression.  good on the move presented and handled well.


3) Mr Mrs Connell - Wyndham nuala at Sonorra


4) Mr S Kennedy - Betirish greetings from Eire at tippanagh


Veteran bitch. 2(1)


1) Mr Mrs Connell - Ch Wyndham Ciara.                                                                                          

A lovely example of the breed  at 7 years old but doesn't look it. A lovely type with graceful

racy outline she looked good in profile.  head long with flat skull and a very dark eye  with

great expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest and ribs.

Tail set good  well muscled. She moved well both ways. I really was splitting hairs debating

giving her top honours she pushed all the way.  Well deserved RCC BVIS